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About SSIP                                                                             (SSIP Policy)
  •             GEC VALSAD is the premier engineering institute in south Gujarat region, offering the five basic engineering programs (Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineerig, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering)
  •             Government Engineering College Valsad received a fund of 20 lakh in the year 2017-18. This fund is utilized in various SSIP activities under SSIP like Sensitization programs to make students aware about student start-up innovation policy, its necessity, and benefits,Students are motivated for quality research activities in terms of sanctioning quality POC projects/prototypes and filling the patents for their quality work.IPR awareness activity and sessions and workshops related to research and innovation are organized frequently at Government Engineering college Valsad. Recently institute sanctioned 28 quality POC projects from all department of Rs 777,647 Rs. In past Institute has sanctioned 13 POC projects of Rs 211125. From 17th June to 28th June 2018 Institute organized two-week summer boot camp for school students where more than 1100 students were beneficiary. Recently 40 nearby Industries, DGVCL, Nagarpalika Valsad has given problem statements to be solved by the student for the industrial hackathon. Success through research and innovation of individuals, Society, and nation is a mantra of GEC Valsad.
  • India Fights for CORONA
    •             COVID-19 is spreading rapidly at an unprecedented scale across continents and has emerged as the single biggest risk the world has faced in modern times. Only science and technology in the hands of capable scientists and innovators can come to our rescue in developing innovative but effective solutions as we prepare for a future, which in the very short term looks increasingly uncertain.

                  MHRD Innovation cell & AICTE in partnership with Forge & InnovatioCuris have launched the national level 2 Day FightCorona IDEAthon soliciting innovative solutions from student innovators, researchers and educators. 1000s of innovators, researchers, scientists, and educators from across India are joining hands like a true community for this 2-day online IDEAthon to generate and transform innovative ideas into viable solutions that can support the community in managing the uncertainties arising out of the pandemic.for mor Detail Click
    List of Incubetee
    Total amount supported by SSIP is of Rs. 7,77,647/-
    Sr. No. Department Name of Students Area of Innovations
    1 Mechanical Engineering 1. Tandel Mitalkumar Chimanbhai(160190119103) Welding Technology
    2 2. Tandel Yash Ravindrakumar(160190119109)
    3 3. Tank Devnagkumar Jayantilal(160190119110)
    4 4. Thakor Harshkumar Karansinh(160190119112)
    5 Mechanical Engineering 1. Tiwari Nitesh Jitandra(160190119113) Solar Energy
    6 2. Prajapati Divyesh Dhirajlal(160190119073)
    7 3. Rathore Shyam(160190119082)
    8 4. Singh Aman Anil(160190119086)
    9 Mechanical Engineering 1. Kansara Aditya Jitendra(160190119022) Renewable Energy Resources
    10 2. Naik Harsh Kiritbhai(160190119033)
    11 3. Maniyar Rutvik Himanshubhai(160190119027)
    12 4. Pancholi Harsh Kiritkumar(160190119066)
    13 Mechanical Engineering 1. Das Vrushab Pradeep(160190119010) Advance Acuation System
    14 2. Rathod Rishabhkumar Bharatbhai(160190119080)
    15 3. Thakaria Krunalkumar Anandbhai(160190119111)
    16 4. Wadia Keval Rajesh(160190119120)
    17 Mechanical Engineering 1. Patil Pradip Chindubhai(160190119021) Renewable Energy Resources
    18 2. Patil Sandip Ravindrabhai(160190119022)
    19 3. Rana Jiteshkumar Dhanshukhbhai(160190119027)
    20 4. Shirke Mayank Jayeshbhai(160190119028)
    21 Mechanical Engineering 1. Prajapati Tilak M.(160190119075) Braille Display Technology
    22 2. Shaikh Tabrejalam(160190119085)
    23 3. Tailor Manthankumar R.(160190119088)
    24 4. Tailor Yash S.(160190119090)
    25 Mechanical Engineering 1. Tandel Harshilkumar Maheshbhai(160190119095) Automobile Engineering
    26 2. Tandel Himanshukumar Dashrathbhai(160190119096)
    27 3. Tandel Kartikbhai Khapubhai(160190119099)
    28 4. Tandel Laukitkumar Pravinbhai(160190119102)
    29 Mechanical Engineering 1. Pandey Daksh S.(160190119045) Domestic Automation
    30 2. Intwala Daksh J.(160190119021)
    31 3. Dave Meet B.(160190119006)
    32 Electrical Engineering 1. Chaudhari Manishkumar J.(160190109005) Internet of Things
    33 2. Chauhan Jay V.(160190109006)
    34 3. Patel Bhaveshkumar D.(160190109025)
    35 4. Nair Sreerag R.(160190109019)
    36 Electrical Engineering 1. Patel Chirag P.(160190109027) Consumer Electronics
    37 2. Patel Dhruvkumar P.(160190109030)
    38 3. Patel Ireen M.(160190109033)
    39 4. Patel Trushar S.(160190109043)
    40 Electrical Engineering 1. Mallik Visawjeet M.(160190109015) Autometic Power Factor Correction
    41 2. Mali Tushar S.(160190109014)
    42 3. Bhensadadiya Shrushti P.(160190109005)
    43 4. Oanchal Mukesh U.
    44 5. Shah Dixit V.
    45 Electrical Engineering 1. Bharkakhada Nishit K.(170193109001) Automation Engineering
    46 2. Khandala Nitin N.(170193109005)
    47 3. Prajapati Diveysh R.(170193109012)
    48 4. Rana Paresh R.(170193109014)
    49 5. Tandel Hiral R.(170193109017)
    50 Electrical Engineering 1. Tandel Jeel Balvantrai(160193109050) Artificial Intelligence
    51 2. Tandel Leeza Maheshbhai(160193109053)
    52 3. Tandel Saloni Rajnikant(160193109056)
    53 4. Tandel Yashasvee Sureshbhai(160193109058)
    54 Electrical Engineering 1. Lad Jay J.(160193109012) Internet of Things
    55 2. Mansuri Nazim M.(160193109016)
    56 3. Patel Parth M.(160193109038)
    57 4. Tandel Kirtan D.(160193109052)
    58 5. Tandel Prince A.(160193109055)
    59 Electrical Engineering 1. Chauhan Yash M.(160193109007) Electrical Generation and Distribution
    60 2. Khalasshi Rahul K.(160193109011)
    61 3. Mahadewala Jay K.(160193109013)
    62 4. Patel Amit G.(160193109022)
    63 5. Patel Dhaval B.(160193109029)
    64 Civil Engineering 1. Bhatt Khyati A.(160190106005) Construction Engineering
    65 2. Tandel Krushangi K.(160190106055)
    66 3. Trivedi Jhanvi D.(160190106060)
    67 4. Patel Neha D.(160190106013)
    68 Civil Engineering 1. Desai Nensikumari V.(160190106010) Artificial Intelligence
    69 2. Mistry Sahil A.(160190106026)
    70 3. Tandel Vishwanshi R.(160190106057)
    71 4. Maheri Muskan I.(160190106008)
    72 Civil Engineering 1. Dhimmar Dhaval(160190106011) Artificial Intelligence
    73 2. Bhaliya Rohit(160190106004)
    74 3. Ganvit Ronak(160190106015)
    75 4. Savsani Bhavisha(160190106048)
    76 Civil Engineering 1. Patel Miti S.(160190106038) Advance Construction Engineering
    77 2. Surati Neha G.(170193106017)
    78 3. Tandel Khushboo M.(160190106054)
    79 4. Patel Aditi K.(170193106012)
    80 Civil Engineering 1. Kidecha Maulik(160190106029) Smart Intersection
    81 2. Lad Monali(160190106024)
    82 3. Pancholi Gaurang(160190106029)
    83 4. Patel Chirag(160190106031)
    84 Environmental Engineering 1. Bhavishi Sakshi Chetankumar(170190113001) Water Purifyer
    85 2. Parar Twinkle Paresh(170190113022)
    86 3. Patel Roshni SOmabhai(170190113036)
    87 4. Rana Yesha(170190113044)
    88 Environmental Engineering 1. Pandey Divya P.(170190113019) Water Purifyer
    89 2. Pandey Jyoti P.(170190113020)
    90 3. Rapeki Priyanka N.(170190113045)
    91 4. Shah Payal B.(170190113050)
    92 Environmental Engineering 1. Dobariya Divyesh K.(170190113006) Smart Dustbin
    93 2. Mehta Janhavi Y.(170190113017)
    94 3. Savani Sanket S.(170190113048)
    95 4. Godhani Keyur V.(170190113009)
    96 Chemical Engineering 1. Patel Darshit Nileshbhai(160190105064) Biomass
    97 2. Patel Deep Vijeshbhai(160190105065)
    98 3. Gohil Ranjnikant Jashvantsinh(170193105008)
    99 4. Patel Pratiksha Navinbhai(170193105023)
    100 5. Prajapati Pratik Manharbhai(170193105026)
    101 Chemical Engineering 1. Giri Vikash J.(160190105024) Biogradable Plastic
    102 2. Gajjar Krushnpal(160190105036)
    103 3. Parekh Manthan(170193105016)
    104 4. Antiya Fenil(160190105001)
    105 5. Parmr Mosamkumar(170193105017)
    106 Chemical Engineering 1. Patel Fenilkumar J.(160190105066) Toxic Subtance Detection
    107 2. Bhingradiya Bhavik D.(160190105012)
    108 3. Jiyani Rakshil A.(160190105030)
    109 4. Sojitra Zeel A.(160190105105)
    110 5. Satapara Pratik K.(160190105098)
    111 Chemical Engineering 1. Chavda Mukundsinh M.(170193105012) Vaccun Wall Painting
    112 2. Das Shibharam S.(170193105013)
    113 3. Desle Jayesh C.(170193105014)
    114 4. Dholakiya Vibhuti(170193105015)
    115 5. Galani Pranav(170193105016)
    116 Applied Science and Huminities 1. Devani Sagar K. Autometic Plant Cleaning
    117 2. Parmar Nishith A.
COVID-19 Awareness
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SSIP Online School Summer Bootcamp
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