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About RUSA Project
  •             GEC VALSAD is the premier engineering institute in south Gujarat region, offering the five basic engineering programs (Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineerig, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering)
  •             Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), launched in 2013 aims at providing strategic funding to eligible state higher educational institutions. The central funding (in the ratio of 60:40 for general category States, 90:10 for special category states and 100% for union territories) would be norm based and outcome dependent. GEC Valsad has received grants under component 9 Equity initiative & 12 Vocationalization of Higher Education, from Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat Ahmedabad.
Component-12 (Vocationalization of Higher Education)
  •             The main objective of RUSA component 12 is to improve to quality of higher education and increase the employability of students by providing a vocational course. Under this scheme institute has to select a vocation training course and a NSDC approved training partner to offer course to the students.
  •             Government Engineering College Valsad signed two MOUs with NSDC approved training partners along with KCG Ahmedabad, status under component 12 is as follows,
Sr. No. NSDC Training Partner Course Name Course Hours No of Students undergone Training Branch Duration Current Status
1 CADD center Valsad SolidWorks 220 51 Mechanical 17 Jan 2019 To 01-July-2019 Assessment done, Placement is in progress
Ansys 51 Mechanical
2 Sofcon India Pvt Ltd.Vododara Industrial Automation 480 34 Electrical 20-Dec-2019 to till date Training is going on
Component-9 (Equity Initiative)
    Objective of Institute under RUSA component 9 Equity Initiative
  • To increase participation rate of Females, SC/ST/OBCs & other economically weaker sections in events/ competition organized at institute level as well as state level by creating atmosphere of equality at institute.
  • Action Plan:
  • Establishment of Equal opportunity cells.
  • Gender/ Social groups sensitization awareness and campaign
  • Remedial classes, Computer Classes, etc.
  • Disabled friendly campus
  • Enhancing soft skills: Personality Development, Communication, Interview, Business Communication, etc.
  • Other innovative schemes/programs to enhance equity and inclusion. E.g., Selfdefense classes for girls, etc.
Equal Opportunity Cell
Sr. No. Name Designation Department
1 Prof. D. N. Patel RUSA Coordinator Mechanical
2 Prof D. T. Barot Member Civil
3 Prof H. M. Jariwala Member Chemical
4 Prof J. A. Jadav Member Electrical
5 Prof M. H. Patel Member Environmental
    Equal opportunity cell has following responsibilities
  • To provide equal opportunity to every students of institute while utilizing the grants provided under RUSA scheme.
  • Utilize the grants received from RUSA for maximum benefits of all students of institute as per the guidelines provided by KCG Ahmedabad.
  • To conduct various activities for SC ST students of institute like counseling, competitive exams, remedial classes, purchasing of books, mentoring of girl child.
  • To organize programs useful to the students and upliftments of all classes of society & to solve social problem and to create an atmosphere of equality.
  • Also organize program for physically and mentally challenged students of institute.
Events under RUSA
Event Title Event Date Report
Spoken English Workshop 2016-11-25 View
Self Defense Workshop on Israeli Krav Maga Technique for Girl Students of GEC Valsad 2018-04-29 View
Motivation Seminar 2020-02-15 View
Enhancing Students’ Performance through Life Skills Workshop 2020-02-15 View
Role of theory fundamentals in campus/ off campus interview for Chemical Engineering Studnets 2020-02-15 View
3D Printing Workshop 2020-02-27 View
Importance of Electronics in Industries 2020-02-28 View
GD&T Workshop for Mechanical Engineering Students 2020-02-29 View
Fundamental of PLC Programming For Final Year Electrical Engineering Students 2021-10-13 View
process design and prototyping 2022-05-30 View
Converting innovation into a startup with achieving value proposition fit and business fit 2022-08-25 View
Entrepreneurship as a career opportunity in the field of opto electronics semiconductor technology 2022-11-25 View