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About SC/ST Cell
  •             GEC VALSAD is the premier engineering institute in south Gujarat region, offering the five basic engineering programs (Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineerig, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering)
  •             Unity in diversity is the strength of Indian culture. In India there are different casts, religions and culture. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes have been identified as the two most backward groups of Indian Society. They include all such castes, races or tribes, which have been declared as scheduled castes and scheduled tribes by the Constitution of India under the provisions of Article 341 and 342 of the Constitution of India.
  •             The cell has been established to support and to bring students from such communities in the main stream. The purpose of the Cell is to empower the SC/ST students of the college.
  • Circulate GOI and Commission’s decisions and to collect regularly, on an annual basis, information regarding course-wise admissions to candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the College.
  • Analyze information on admissions, education, training and employment of SCs and STs; prepare reports for transmission to the Ministry of Human Resource Development/University Grants Commission and such other authorities as may be required.
  • Function as a Grievances Redressal Cell for the grievances of SC/ST students and employees and render them necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems.
  • To promote higher education among these two communities suffering economic, social and educational deprivations.
  • To counsel and guide SC/ ST students and help them to manage academic and personal issues of college life effectively.
  • To ensure provisions of an environment where all such students feel safe and secure.
  • To provide prompt counseling for any emotional emergencies arising on account of any event at the campus.
  • To provide the mechanism to redress the grievance of SC/ST students, if any
  • To ensure protection and reservation as provided in the constitution of India.
  • To arrange for special opportunities to enhance the carrier growth
  • To aware the SC/ST students regarding various scholarships program of State Govt. and UGC.
  • To take such follow up measures to achieve the objectives and targets laid down by the Govt. of India and the UGC.
  • To collect reports and information of State Govt. and UGC’s orders on various aspects of education, employment of SC/ST & OBC Students.
  • To circulate notices of State Government and AICTE’s decisions about different scholarship programs.
  • To communicate with the students and motivate them for better future planning.
Event Title Event Date Report
Meet your Higher Self Through Music 2021-07-03 View
Engineering Behind the Fluet 2021-07-08 View
Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta The Handbook for Life Management 2021-07-21 View
Existence of God 2022-02-16 View
Power of Goal 2020-02-15 View
Review of Last semester Exam 2022-12-21 View
Tiffin Day 2021-12-01 View
Sr. No. Name Designation
2 Prof. N. S. Patel (Asst. Prof. Mech. Engg. Dept) Coordinator
3 Prof. S. K. Patel Patel (Asst. Prof. Mech. Engg. Dept) Member
4 Prof. D. N. Patel Patel (Asst. Prof. Mech. Engg. Dept) Member
5 Prof. K. D. Patel Patel (Asst. Prof. ASH Dept) Member
6 Prof. M. N. Chaudhari Patel (Asst. Prof. Env. Engg. Dept) Member
7 Prof. N. I. Patel Patel (Asst. Prof. Elect. Engg. Dept) Member
8 Prof. D. T. Barot Patel (Asst. Prof. Civil. Engg. Dept) Member
Equal Opportunity Cell
Sr. No. Name Designation Department
1 Prof. D. N. Patel RUSA Coordinator Mechanical
2 Prof D. T. Barot Member Civil
3 Prof H. M. Jariwala Member Chemical
4 Prof J. A. Jadav Member Electrical
5 Prof M. H. Patel Member Environmental
    Equal opportunity cell has following responsibilities
  • To provide equal opportunity to every students of institute while utilizing the grants provided under RUSA scheme.
  • Utilize the grants received from RUSA for maximum benefits of all students of institute as per the guidelines provided by KCG Ahmedabad.
  • To conduct various activities for SC ST students of institute like counseling, competitive exams, remedial classes, purchasing of books, mentoring of girl child.
  • To organize programs useful to the students and upliftments of all classes of society & to solve social problem and to create an atmosphere of equality.
  • Also organize program for physically and mentally challenged students of institute.